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How can I export encrypted private keys from my cold wallet that are easy to import?

I set up a cold wallet using the reference client on an offline machine. All of the sites I read recommended simply backing up the encrypted wallet.dat file, which I did. I did a test run with 0.01 BTC and tried to recover it and it was a nightmare.
I have to do crazy things to restore using the bitcoin-qt or bitcoind client (i.e. move my old wallet.dat, then copy that one over and re-index, which on my old laptop takes literally days).
I then tried using pywallet with the correct passphrase. It dumps a thousand lines of crap along with some "Wallet data not recognized:" errors, and I assumed it wasn't working. I opened it in an editor and cut all the error lines out, and finally got it to import into that way, but it had 300 addresses, even though only 1 was ever used. I suppose this was my fault, I had no idea the default wallet.dat would contain so many addresses (this was all from the offline wallet that I never made a single transaction from).
What I need is something my mom can do. I'm looking for something like the encrypted backup from which is simple ascii text with a password. My goal is to stick this on a usb drive along with a note explaining what to do and put it in a safe deposit box. It needs to be simple enough for my mom to access if something were to happen to me (she's reasonably computer literate, but isn't going to be going and digging around moving hidden files from place to place on her computer). I'd also like the key to be encrypted so that I can make a few copies of the USB key and leave them various places. In the safe deposit box I'll also include a scrap of paper with the password, but otherwise I'll just remember the password so I can recover the coins myself in case the offline computer I'm using craps out.
Any suggestions? Sorry for the semi-rant. I really wouldn't consider myself a beginner, this is just the kind of absurdly difficult thing that scares people away. I suppose I could have used armory or something like that, but I want to understand what I'm doing and not trust any app provided by a company to do my backups.
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